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You either live in a nice safe area(which is expensive) or a dangerous area (which is affordable).Awhile back I described ten common characteristics of debt-free people.Maybe your friend buys what they buy because thay have 10 credit cards maxed out.Well, Paul, I have a teenage son, so he might throw a monkey wrench into any plans I had to cut my food bill by 50 percent.I am a young professional who knows the value of work hard, and has been since she was 14 years old, but I now find myself still paying off student loans and tuition and medical expenses from 7 years ago.I live in one of the most (having had the greatest increase in real estate prices and homes going for 700 grand plus) neighborhoods in chicago.

Also, income tax rate changes are sometimes announced after.

if you make 45,000 a year and get paid bi weekly, how much

Thanks to my city being suddenly insanely popular and tech companies moving their employees here in droves to save money, my rent has nearly doubled just in the last couple of years.

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I currently pay 550 for a smallish one bedroom, but very nice building with on site management and great tenants.For the sake of argument though, I used those maximum numbers.

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The author of this article was probably born with a big silver spoon in his mouth and has no sense of reality.But we would be living in a respectable and comfortable home in Southern California, with four insured cars in the garage, and presentable clothes on our backs.Calculator for the estimation of the actual paycheck amount you can take home after tax and. status for two years after the year of.

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Use the following table to figure your tax bracket and how much you will pay in taxes:.

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We have often wondered if we would be better off to make less money, which is a sad thing to ponder in a capitalistic society.All I see on craigslist that goes for 600 are in Rogers Park, Uptown and South Side ( the rough parts may I add).ADP pay check for 40k 2 week check 1182.19 after TAX ADP 2015 table.Many people are curious about what the average small business.There are conscious, deliberate acts that have to occur before an innocent child is brought into this world.

This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and the content herein should not be mistaken for professional financial advice.I worked for over 20 years but retired at forty because I loved what I did yet hated having a job.However, I have some crippling issues that cause my budget to overflow a bit.S taxes are, but I can assure you chicago has one of the highest taxes in te nation.How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly (No Matter What You Owe).Net to Gross Paycheck Calculator. that are made with after-tax. as to the total Social Security tax withheld for the current year other than the.

A serious health issue will most certainly upset the apple cart, which is why I included the caveat about being in good health.Gas: My commute is LONG, not by choice, but because I work in a rural area.I suspect almost all of them adhere to my mantra that it all starts with personal responsibility.I also scored a 160 on the Mensa IQ test and refuse to let my intelligence go to waste.I would love to know if you live in CA and how you are doing it.

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And never being able to afford to go to a movie you need it).We have grown so accustomed to thinking that we need more of everything, but you clearly show that this is not true.My last apartment was 750 with two decks, walk in closets and parking included.In fact, I spent a good portion of my life pinching pennies to make ends meet.LOL Our family could save so much money if the Honeybee and I spent 15 more minutes every other week, going through the coupons and looking for special one-day only food sales.Not counting state and city taxes, Medicare tax, SSI, etc. which no one gets back, unpaid sick time, holiday closures, etc.

Every time I somehow manage to save up money something happens which sucks it away.During that time, I saved up a down-payment for a house and started college funds for my kids.

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Also I was thinking if 40,000 was the amount given with taxes and all that jazz taken out then yes one should be able to live anywhere on there own.A first glance we might seem poor, hell, even financially pathetic to some if they judge us on income alone.So when speaking about the past yes I am firm that that was not my fault.Being able to calculate a salary after taxes is an. no additional Social Security tax will be deducted for the year) and Medicare taxes of 1.45 percent.I know my wife and I are doing quite well on 55k a year (one income) while putting around 20k into our school loans.

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That being said, if it makes you feel better, you can continue to rationalize away the reasons leading up to your current financial situation.To some place with a lower cost of living — like another state in flyover country, or the SE United States.

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Unfortunately, the downside is that there would be little money left over to put away toward my retirement, or an emergency fund in case my water heater broke.Put in the take-home. and it will figure out your deductions for taxes,.Oh definitely if you live in the a state like Georgia, North Carolina, South Dakota.And the results of those choices play a huge role in where we eventually end up financially — like it or not.In our area we have apparently high local and state taxes too.

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That leaves me time to actively manage our finances and save lots of money by doing things like cooking for us, myself.

People want what people on tv have and what their friends have or do what their friends do.

Free Calculators to Figure Out Paycheck Tax. throughout the year at tax time.Depends on where work is. 350 miles a week is a tank of gas. 50 miles a day x7.In fact, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, Los Angeles currently has the seventh-highest cost of living in the US, behind only New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle and San Diego.