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If so, they committed an act of bucketing. 2. Next, if they tried executing a trade was it a limit order or a market order.Update: I just logged in and saw the coins returned to me as a new, separate transaction.In other words, Coinbase just pocketed his loss. (Assuming the transaction was made today.).They are acting as financial services provider and must be in compliance with those laws.

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Because there is no possibility of this not being brought to a judge on the behest of SEC themselves or a consumer complaint.Honestly, looking at this from the outside what is the difference between this an actual larceny.The method of measurement (as long as it is rational and consistent) does not change the value being measured.

No, I would expect the resolution most favorable to the customer in either situation.That is probably the scariest part about the current Bitcoin community.

Likewise, unlike banks, there is no legal system in place or organizations that assess companies like this and determine whether their transactions complete and such.In the case of Bitcoin, it CAN be traded directly for goods, not dollars.Access: Our top priority at Coinbase is security and we emphasize least privilege.

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This is a how to guide for buying Bitcoin (BTC) from Coinbase.So now we have 2 different excuses for failures in the same time period.Over the past two years Coinbase has benefited greatly from running a public bug bounty program and we believe strongly in incentivizing the white-hat community to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities to us and our partners.Reported on May 31st, a researcher identified a race condition in moving funds between multiple wallets within a Coinbase account.Kudos to Brian and team for getting on top of this and solving the problem quickly.Apparently, referring to a thread which is highly critical of Coinbase, while participating in another critical thread, is proof enough for you that Coinbase criticism is silenced.API Notifications are built in similar way to our old callback system, which was mainly designed for merchant services.

For any other service I would have given you Kudos for acting, albeit slowly, and applauded honesty(though not so much due to blaming it on the servers, which in a financial context is unacceptable).Hell, Financial companies are ones who are adopting Mongo and the like themselves.I had Coinbase honor a price favorable to me after initially being declined, and have heard of the same thing happening to others.Also, in that same comment, you linked to another voluminous thread criticizing Coinbase.This is akin to a marketplace for buying and selling Magic the Gathering cards.Counterparty risk is the risk of Coinbase not living up to its contractual obligation of delivering the bitcoins in the first place.It does not need to be licensed as a financial institution to be deemed as one.

Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.This is a pretty close to being a classic contract law case, except with bitcoins rather than tangible goods.

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There are many threads on suggesting that these delays only happen when the BTC price is very volatile, and that once they are resolved, the actions taken by Coinbase (either cancellation of the order or delivery at a locked in price) always inure to the financial benefit of Coinbase.Not really, I can easily come up with 35k at the drop of a hat.From what I recall from when I worked in FX trading, settlement dates were set by contract and not by regulations.The only thing I did earlier today was post a link of this thread at a local community forum that I am part of.The courts can and will deem them that the company is subject to some of the rules and regulations governing the financial industry and up the charges against them when this enforced.

A real brokerage (e.g. Fidelity, Schwab et al) would likely be subject to non-trivial fines from the FCC for this type of gross negligence.If they indeed promised to deliver on a certain date then clearly they are in violation. not sure if they really did make that promise though.

If you get it in front of a judge miraculous things can happen, if a judge finds as a matter of fact that they are an exchange than suddenly their more like IB than eBay.There are merchants that accept bitcoins in return for goods.If BTC went up, I would have had no advantage of them crediting me the coins on the day it was actually due or today.We encourage developers to update their applications to only access one wallet, by directing new users to enter the new authorization flow.Props to you for attempting to address many of the detractors, but doing so will take time from your more productive pursuits.I am certain that the Coinbase TOS allow significant discretion as to the timing and cancellation of orders.

Or, rather, maybe people should stop massive speculation on bitcoins on a platform that takes at least a few days (best case) to clear.Others in the original thread refuted the argument you are presenting, so I recommend you start before rehashing arguments that have already been addressed.This post outlines some of what we learned during the transition.But all I am asking for them is that they had delivered the coins on the day they said they would.Practically all my followers are my college friends and those sort of posts interest them.MySQL was a random example as should have been somewhat obvious. - Home | Facebook

The 0.1 signup bonus is now sent off-blockchain, so you can get started instantly.I work with some of the largest financials institutions and nothing surprises me any longer.

We added an easy way to get historic bitcoin prices used by Coinbase.You need to have at least one person in charge of reconciliation.Same thing happened to me except for the bitcoin magically reappearing.